Machine Vision (the Comic): Becoming Machine. Becoming Organic. Becoming Abstract. By Jerel


Machine Vision issue #1 available directly from me via e-mail. Issue #2 is shaping up and aims to be worth the wait.

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Machine Vision issue #1 reviewed in PopImage and in Boog City (PDF).

From Boog City's reviewer Gary Sullivan:

Jerel's self-described "object-oriented" series Machine Vision doesn't so much push the comics envelope as it elbows it. In 32 pages of fairly heavily inked panels, many of which more closely resemble organs or Rorschach tests than traditional comics boxes, Jerel plays with —according to an index in the back— "Syntax destruction, Golem-totemicide, Affinity formations… OOC Architectures… Abstraction in theory and practice… true-false Modeling… Decomposing Attributes to Data and "the accidental Diagram." […]

I've reread this first issue maybe a dozen times since Jerel debuted it at the MoCCA Art Festival last summer, and it's a different experience nearly every reading, as startling and flabbergasting as it is rewarding, not unlike returning to a computer that has been overtaken by a benign but active —and actively mischievous— virus. […]

That many of Jerel's panels resemble Rorschach tests heightens the sense I have of his project abandoning the virtuoso/narrative model and proposing for comics what at least some people were proposing for poetry 30 years ago a more "reader-centered" art, where the author, if not dead, writes in such a way so as to best allow each reader enough leeway to meaningfully participate in the creative process.

It is an attitude long overdue in comics, and one that —should it ever reach critical mass on the collective radar— is going to piss an awful lot of people off. Here's to that day coming sooner than later.

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